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Morne Bois Pangnol is in the central region of the narrow Tiburon Peninsula of southern Haiti. It is 1273 meters at its highest elevation, and 5471 hectares are above 800 meters (1757 hectares above 1000 m). A small area of original hardwood forest remains in the highest land areas, threatened by ongoing tree-cutting. Biologists on a short visit to Bois Pangnol in 2012 encountered a new endemic plant species (Miconia pagnolensis Majure & Judd) and 16 species of frogs (some unique to Bois Pangnol), 15 species of reptiles, and 19 species of birds. Also among the frogs were four new species, including one that lays green eggs instead of the typical white egg color of other species. The mountain does not benefit from any protection.

Bois Pangnol forest

Bois Pangnol forest (Photo Credit: Joel C. Timyan)

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