Save the Natural Heritage of Haiti

Thank you for your secure, tax-deductible contribution to Haiti National Trust. HNT is a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the U.S. with Tax ID (EIN) #82-0939752. Your gift will further our mission to preserve the forests and biodiversity of Haiti. It will help us manage these last remaining wild places in Haiti with primary forest, including support for rangers and the planting of native trees to regrow the original forests. We also work with the local communities to help them improve their lives and learn sustainable ways of living.​


Native plant seeds, ready for nurturing, at the HNT nursery. Image courtesy of Wilson Jean.

Magnlia ekmanii cones

Fifty thousand seedlings have already been planted in Grand Bois National Park, with more growing in Haiti National Trust’s nursery. Image courtesy of Eladio M. Fernandez.

Native plants nursery in Grand Bois

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