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Grand Bois

Grand Bois National Park covers 370 ha and is a primary focus of HNT activities (see Grand Bois Fact Sheet).  It is the first nationally recognized protected area under private management in Haiti. We are collaborating closely with the government of Haiti and a local law firm to ensure that the transfer of lands to HNT is met with the highest standards possible. This project is being undertaken with the generous financial support of re:Wild. The past support of Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Rainforest Trust and Arbeiter Samariter Bund in the creation of the park is gratefully acknowledged.

Our main park management activities engage the local community of Grand Bois to protect the remaining primary forests of the park, remove invasive species and restore areas of degraded ecosystems to their former. See our work with the critically endangered Magnolia ekmanii.  HNT is also actively engaged with improving the well-being of the local community – the future of the park – by supporting sustainable agriculture in the buffer areas of the park, improving access to quality housing and education and expanding alternative sources of income. Our ultimate goal is to decrease and eliminate the threats to native forest habitats – home to a unique and irreplaceable biological diversity.

For more updates and pictures on our work, visit our instagram page!

Contribute to our efforts in Grand Bois National Park and consider a donation.

Bois Pangnol

Our current project in the area of Morne Bois Pangnol is to conserve 190 hectares of the original native forests by leasing land on a long-term basis from the government of Haiti and working with the local community in its management.

This is part of a larger effort to establish a 3,365-hectare protected area in collaboration with the government of Haiti.  This area of Haiti is exceptionally rich in endemic species found only in Haiti and provides important ecosystem services to the downstream communities of Cavaillon and the heart of vetiver production in Haiti. This project is being funded in part by the Yves Saint Laurent company and Re:wild.

To help us restore Bois Pagnol and protect it’s endemic and endangered species, consider a donation.

Future Projects in Other Biodiversity Hotspots

We are studying other biodiversity hotspots in southwestern Haiti including the national parks of Macaya and Grande Colline, as well as the exceptional estuary and coral reefs of the Jérémie-Abricots managed resources protected area. As in all areas where we work, a participatory management approach will be used with the local community, civil society organizations and government.

Together, partnering with Haiti Ocean Project and Reef Check Haiti this teamwork will ensure the Haiti’s natural heritage for the benefit of future generations.

Please join us in conserving the natural heritage of Haiti. We’ve lost so much and we can’t afford to lose more. Now is the time to make a long-lasting difference. Donate now!

Kids and Education

Thanks to a generous donation from Sunrise Airways and Societe Audubon Haiti, Haiti National Trust partnered with The Adventures of Pili from Kike Calvo, a National Geographic photographer in the creation of two beautiful coloring books for kids about Haiti’s biodiversity. These books (Birds of Hispaniola and Species of Haiti) are trilingual (French, Creole and English) and will help kids reinforce their recognition skills and teach them about our beautiful biodiversity.

The Adventures of Pili Coloring Books are the perfect educational tools to introduce kids to the beauty of nature and the importance of conservation.


“Protecting our biodiversity and the environment in general starts by educating our kids. Kike Calvo’s coloring books about Hispaniola and Haiti are an excellent way to introduce these notions and raise awareness about the beauty of nature and the importance to respect and protect it.”

Anne-Isabelle Bonifassi, Executive Director of Haiti National Trust


” […] Training future bird advocates means giving wings to the great global cause of nature conservation. A cause that Audubon Society Haiti has been defending for almost twenty years. We love and care for birds because they ignore political boundaries and only have limits that they set for themselves. The birds of our island are the common heritage of the Haitian and Dominican people, who have the duty to work together to safeguard them for the joy and salvation of future generations. […]” 

Philippe Bayard, Founder and Chairman of Audubon Society Haiti

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