We are a private, non-profit organization based in Haiti and created to save the rich biodiversity of the country from going extinct.

Yes, HNT is a Haitian organization, with an office and staff in Petionville. It has close ties with the Haitian government, especially CIAT (Comité Interministériel d’Aménagement du Territoire) and the ministries of agriculture and environment, and with established non-profit organizations such as the Audubon Society of Haiti.

We protect the last remaining hot spots of biodiversity through purchase or lease of land, and then implement protective measures. We work with local communities to build an appreciation for the conservation of natural resources and a sustainable lifestyle. We employ members of local communities to accomplish these goals, and we strengthen communities through education and enhancement of infrastructure. HNT also encourages scientific research on Haitian species, to learn more about their ecology, evolution, taxonomy, and threats to their extinction.

This is the most ambitious conservation project yet conceived for Haiti. It will cost many millions of dollars to identify, purchase, and protect the last hotspots of biodiversity in Haiti.

We work closely with CIAT (Comité Interministériel d’Aménagement du Territoire) and the Ministry of Environment to assist with managing protected areas.

Yes, we have published information on biodiversity in protected areas and hot spots here and in other scientific publications: PNAS 2018 and supplement.

Donations can be made on the Donate page using a credit card or see the Contact information and get in touch with us directly so we can help.

Yes, donations made on our donation page are tax-deductable in the US because we are a 501(c)(3) organization (in addition to being registered as a Foundation in Haiti).

100% of your donation, aside from the normal fund management fees, will go to the Haiti National Trust and be used to support its goals.

Like other trust funds, the Haiti National Trust has a board of trustees which oversees how the funds are spent to ensure that they are spent in the best and most effective manner.

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