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Haiti is closer to losing its rich diversity of plants, animals, and other species than nearly any other country in the world.

Today, the majority of our remaining pristine forests are concentrated within the mere 1% of original woodlands that still stand. Many unique species call these Haitian forests home, making them global biodiversity hotspots.

However, these last sanctuaries are under dire threat, facing an imminent mass extinction crisis due to the absence of effective protective measures. The consequences for our environment are profound. Deforestation not only eradicates these vital ecosystems but also triggers a cascade of adverse effects. Springs and streams vanish, flooding becomes more frequent, and the prospects for future forest regeneration and biodiversity restoration diminish.

Urgency is paramount, as a staggering 90% of Haiti’s mountains have already lost their primary forests. The ongoing threats to our biodiversity are inseparable from the well-being of our people. The forces driving biodiversity loss are exacting a toll on Haitians, depleting watersheds and water resources, intensifying flood risks during rainy seasons, and transforming once-fertile agricultural lands into barren deserts.

Join us in the race against time to safeguard Haiti’s last forests, for the sake of our environment and the future prosperity of our nation.

The mission of Haiti National Trust is to save and protect the environment and biodiversity of Haiti for future generations.

At the heart of our mission and vision lies the proactive identification and safeguarding of biodiversity hotspots that demand our protection. This commitment translates into the establishment of national parks and the close collaboration with both local communities and government entities for the effective management of these terrestrial and marine areas.

As staunch environmental stewards, we are dedicated to eradicating deforestation while promoting the utilization of diverse native tree species in reforestation efforts. Our approach is firmly rooted in community engagement, empowering local residents to actively participate in all our initiatives. This not only elevates their livelihoods and educational opportunities but also enhances the overall sustainability of their communities.

Furthermore, our multifaceted work in Haiti contributes to climate change mitigation by sequestering carbon in the form of trees and roots, concurrently fostering a cooler and more moisture-rich environment. This transformation of the watershed dynamics leads to a reduction in both droughts and floods, ensuring a more reliable supply of clean drinking water for the Haitian population.

Annual Reports

HNT Annual Report 2023

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