A Private Sector Boost for Conservation in 2024: Digicel Joins Forces with Haiti National Trust!

A Private Sector Boost for Conservation in 2024: Digicel Joins Forces with Haiti National Trust!

The year is already off to a fantastic start, as we are excited to announce a significant partnership with Digicel, Haiti’s leading telecommunications provider. Digicel is generously supporting our conservation efforts by donating smartphones and sim cards with data plans to our dedicated team of forest rangers stationed at Grand Bois National Park.

Grand Bois National Park, located in the beautiful southern region of Haiti, is home to an array of unique flora and fauna. Protecting this precious ecosystem and its biodiversity is a shared responsibility that requires constant vigilance and innovative solutions. Thanks to Digicel’s support, our forest rangers will now be better equipped to carry out their essential work in safeguarding this natural treasure.

Empowering Our Rangers

The generous donation from Digicel will enable our forest rangers to carry out their duties more effectively. These smartphones will be equipped with a special app designed to assist rangers in their daily tasks. By using this app, they will be able to record information about potential threats to the park, as well as any identified species. This data will be invaluable in coordinating our efforts to address these threats promptly and efficiently.

Strengthening Conservation Efforts

The smartphones provided by Digicel will not only improve our ability to identify and respond to threats but will also enhance our overall conservation model. With this technology, we can gather real-time data on the park’s health, track environmental changes, and better understand the needs of the ecosystems within the park. This invaluable information will help us tailor our conservation efforts and allocate resources where they are most needed.

Guardian Devices for Ecosystem Monitoring

In addition to smartphones, Digicel’s support includes sim cards with data plan for our ecosystem monitoring devices, known as Guardians. These Guardians are essential tools for monitoring the park’s environmental sounds, which are directly linked to a comprehensive database. By capturing and analyzing these sounds, we can gain insights into the health of the park’s ecosystem. The data generated by these devices will provide us with critical reports, allowing us to make informed decisions and develop targeted conservation strategies.

A Shared Commitment to Conservation

We are incredibly grateful to Digicel for their commitment to environmental conservation and their generous support. This partnership reflects a shared dedication to preserving Haiti’s natural heritage for future generations. By working together, we can achieve our common goal of safeguarding the unique ecosystem and biodiversity that makes Grand Bois National Park so special.

We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration with Digicel will bring. With their support, we are better equipped to protect the environment and make a lasting impact on the conservation efforts in Haiti. Join us in our mission to safeguard Haiti’s biodiversity! Click here to make a donation and be a part of this crucial conservation initiative!