German funding from Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund helps protect Grand Bois National Park

Children assist HNT personnel in creating a school garden in Sevré.

As part of a grant initiated in October 2020, the German aid organization Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) is supporting the efforts of Haiti National Trust (HNT) to protect the forests, biodiversity, and livelihoods of the residents on Grand Bois mountain in southwestern Haiti. We are working alongside the Haitian non-governmental organization FEODITI (Federation of Development Organizations of Tiburon). Our efforts are mostly above 1000 meters elevation in Grand Bois National Park, and in the nearby village of Sevré on the Tiburon River.

Our work in Grand Bois National Park involves forest restoration using native trees of the region. First, we remove invasive species of plants that damage the ecosystem. Next, we grow native seedlings and plant them in deforested areas. We are also delineating the protected area with occasional posts along the boundary line. In Sevré, we are building a large community center where the local community can come together and organize activities. The center will also serve as a training and information center for the national park. We are also creating a garden next to the public school in Sevré where training courses will focus on the environment, biodiversity, and importance of protecting the national park. In addition, we are conducting environmental awareness campaigns in Sevré as well as the larger town of Tiburon to the west. Finally, we are providing workshops, to members of the Sevré community, on the identification and implementation of socio-economic alternatives that will help preserve the park.