Haiti National Trust hires local community members to plant native species to restore Grand Bois National Park shrinking forests

Hired local community members planting native plants in Grand Bois National Park. (Photo by Wilson Jean, Haiti National Trust)

In a moment in history for Haiti marred by social and political upheaval and sustained environmental disasters, Re:wild partner Haiti National Trust (HNT) is highlighting a small win that has been helping bring some stability and hope to local communities in and around Grand Bois National Park. To combat deforestation in the park and with the help of hired community members, HNT has planted over 30,000 seedlings and plant cuttings in the last five months, already nearing their original goal of 50,000 planted this year and exceeding original expectations. Read the full article from Rewild and the blog about Hope and healing in Haiti’s Grand Bois National Park and consider donating to contribute to our reforestation efforts!