New Project for Grand Bois National Park Approved, Boosting Haiti’s Fight Against Climate Change!

Grand Bois National Parc - Haiti National Trust

We are thrilled to share great news for nature lovers and environmentalists worldwide! Despite facing significant challenges due to the current conditions in Haiti, the Klima II project for Grand Bois National Park has finally received approval! This three-year project, worth 2 million euros, is set to be a game-changer for Haiti’s efforts to fight climate change.

The Klima II project is a continuation of a project financed by Re:wild. Its aim is to “strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and communities at risk from climate change in the South of Haiti.” The project will be spearheaded by three organizations: Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), Feodti, and Haiti National Trust.

The Klima II project has several exciting components. Firstly, it aims to improve the governance of Grand Bois National Park by enhancing its management and involving local authorities and organizations through awareness and training programs. Additionally, the project plans to implement educational programs in schools and community centers to educate the youth on the importance of protecting the environment.

Secondly, the project will continue the crucial restoration activities of Haiti National Trust in the park. These activities involve native species nursery maintenance, reforestation, and removal of invasive species, among others. The goal is to restore the biodiversity of the park and ensure the preservation of the environment. The project’s third component is the implementation of alternative livelihoods, which will provide sustainable economic opportunities for communities in the buffer zone of the park. This is a significant step towards ensuring that the park’s natural resources are protected for future generations.

The approval of the Klima II project is excellent news for the future of Grand Bois National Park and the communities that surround it. The project is expected to have a massive impact on Haiti’s environmental efforts. Over the past two years, locals have become more motivated and have actively helped with restoration work and park protection and surveillance.

This positive momentum bodes well for the success of the Klima II project. With ongoing support and dedication, we can ensure that this valuable ecosystem is protected for generations to come. We will keep the public updated on our progress, and we look forward to sharing our achievements over the coming years.

At Haiti National Trust, we are committed to protecting the environment and natural resources in Haiti. We welcome the Klima II project’s approval and celebrate this significant win for Haiti’s environmental efforts. Let us come together to protect our planet’s natural resources, and this project is a step in the right direction. Stay tuned for more updates!